Divine answers


with confirmation

My kitty queen

guardian of my joy

offers her paw of support

Purrs to clear away

the bad vibes

Serenely stares into my eyes

Loyal companion

always by my side

It’s a New Day

Power to the people

as they take the streets

Victory is the song they sing

let freedom ring

Moon child

She was

daughter of the moon

cycling through

the ebb and flow


she’d always return

to whole


When a heart


each shattered piece

jabs at the whole body

sitting in stillness

with broken remains


The morning sky palette

painted in

hopeful hues

orange, pink, blue

gentle reminder

the day is anew

September nights

Air soaked of moist Earth

Crickets and katytids sing in harmony

The full moon illuminating

the serene suburban scenery


The Andes mountains

are etched in my bones

the carvings tingled

as I walked among them.

They sang

an ancestral song

and my heart

knew her words.

When I laid on the grass

in Machu Picchu

listening to the ground

it whispered

revealing my past life.

the majestic silhouette


whenever my eyelids