The butterflies

of anticipation

eyes eager

to feast

on new sites

mind ready

to be expanded

heart open

soul set

to explore

new limits


Her guardian angels

announced their presence

by making white feathers


putting the right people

in her path

whispered in her ear

while she slept

planting seeds

for her intuition

to explore.


Stumbling on a picture

of two people, smiling

her eyes closed

his right hand on her waist

her head on his left shoulder

his left arm across her body

both of her hands holding his arm

But now

unfamiliar to each other.


He unpeeled her mind

Delicately tracing

its synapses

Navigating the patterns

of her thoughts

carefully unpacking

each one

Precisely choosing his words

to set her ablaze.

An alluded request

Write me lines

like Neruda

Write about an invincible love

that all of nature knows,

how it conspires

to help us blossom

Write your lines

on my body

Do to me

what spring does with the cherry trees

my bones will store our secrets

Write 100 sonnets

inspired by our




Write odes about

my laughter



Write about our bond

that when my eyes close

They’re with your dreams

Escríbeme en español

porque sabes que es

la única lengua

que mi alma entiende ***


so our spirits can


across distance and time

Write me these lines

and I’ll love you without pride

Without questioning

where, how or when

Write these lines with your actions

Because I write lines too

Don’t want to spend nights

writing the saddest verses

like I have before

feeling the weight of your absence

because loving someone

is short

But to forget them

is so


***Write to me in Spanish

because you know

that it’s the only language

my soul understands