An alluded request

Write me lines

like Neruda

Write about an invincible love

that all of nature knows,

how it conspires

to help us blossom

Write your lines

on my body

Do to me

what spring does with the cherry trees

my bones will store our secrets

Write 100 sonnets

inspired by our




Write odes about

my laughter



Write about our bond

that when my eyes close

They’re with your dreams

Escríbeme en español

porque sabes que es

la única lengua

que mi alma entiende ***


so our spirits can


across distance and time

Write me these lines

and I’ll love you without pride

Without questioning

where, how or when

Write these lines with your actions

Because I write lines too

Don’t want to spend nights

writing the saddest verses

like I have before

feeling the weight of your absence

because loving someone

is short

But to forget them

is so


***Write to me in Spanish

because you know

that it’s the only language

my soul understands


We’ve experienced

perfection in love

if only for an instant

whether it was from a



or glance.

Perhaps we didn’t

treasure the moment

but stay keen to experience it



Missing someone unknown

gravitating towards

kindred connections

a story unfolding

across lifetimes


the lead role.


The warmth of your
furry little body
the sweetest of sensations

Freed from your cage
Reborn as my lady

Velvet black coat
like a tuxedo
with a white patch

you meow hello
you meow wake up
meow meow meow
feed me

the best alarm clock
snuggling me at a
quarter to five

sleeping at my feet
above my head, on my chest
or next to my bosom
and humming a purring melody

you patiently wait
every morning as I
fight past my morning haze

as my left foot
searches for one slipper
and the right follows next

our noses kiss
to say goodbye
and hello

every day you adjust
into the sweetest
nap time poses

one paw lazily
extends past another
or covers your face

sleep sleep sleep
yawn yawn yawn
and belly rubs

innocent face hunter
you pounce, wail
determination etched
on your face

eyes green like grapes
widen every time
I eat chicken

You’re like Garfield
trapped in a skinny

Harder for you
to get adopted
because you have FIV
which is cat HIV

Grateful that I found you
because you’re the perfect
kitty to me.

To my future daughter

I love you
and I hope
I showed
or spoke
those words to you
every day.

I’m 27 borderline 28
and you’re nowhere
on the horizon

Right now
I’ve been working
making the world
a little better
before you arrive

I know
I’ll have called
you a leader
more than

You will play more
than house
unless it involves
how to build that
You will be beautiful
from the inside

Strength is our legacy

You come from your
great great abuela Matilde
who was a feminist
before the term
even existed.

you come from
Aurora y Ortencia
Fairy tale abuelas
known for their love

Love is my superpower
and will be yours too
Love, to understand
love, to have patience
love so you can forgive
love because it’s the closest
thing to magic.

You come from your
bisabuela Laura
A single mother
in 1950s Peru
selling tamales to survive.
She cooked from the heart
and had magical pots
that made enough food
for everyone.

you come from your
bisabuela Angela
whose hips gave birth
to 12 children
Making all of their clothes
Passed early on
but immortalized
by naming almost every female
after her.

you come from your abuela
with unparalleled work ethnic
never greedy
taught me how to be giving
because there’s always someone
in a worse position

You also come from me,
when life hands me
tough at bats
I always swing for the fences

when you find yourself
in difficult positions
be grateful
Take it as a compliment from God
because we are only given
what we can handle.

I’m 27 borderline 28
and I’m learning every day
how to be better
how to take the high road
and not stray.

I’ll always be in your corner
gently guiding
but I will tell you
when you’re wrong.
I will not judge your mistakes
because I love you already.

I think about the day
we finally meet
and hold you.

I aspire to be your role model
but you will have a great destiny
be my greatest legacy
I love you
and I don’t even know you
Mi hija,
live life fearlessly
don’t be intimated by
or heartbreaks
because you’re blessed
by God’s grace.

Conversation Hearts

My man is fire 

and never tires. 

tells me

He loves me

In every way 

Even in an email. 

Too cool attitude 

Sadly never met my love bug

Tells those suffering from


“Nice try but my girl is

The best in the world”
Anytime your love talks,


Especially when making decisions. 
Kindness is the tool 

To use to avoid looking

Like a fool, 

Tell them they’re great 
And appreciate their worth.
My love is a good time 

Even its just a phone call

To say hey babe
You plus me 

Equal trust

Your presence is

Just enough 
My man, my man, my man
No longer hopeless 

But feeling blessed 

Stay here 

My star 

Sometimes you have to be


But just kiss me

Like you’ve missed  me
Yes now 

Boy you’re mine

My partner to unwind 

 I see you 

I smile especially if it’s been

A while. 

A foxy lady only for my man
He tells me,

“I’m the real deal

Only for you.”