Hurricane Sandy poetry

Hurricane haikus

No strict adherence to form

Add feedback please too

Transitioning trees

Once friend, now foe

Sweet no more


Lessons in humility

Appreciate it

Perpetual sirens

blare, stop eerie

Air stillness

Purple blue lights


The house is alive

Squeak, drip, creak


Beep, the new radio


My survival kit

Tequila, food

Friends, blankets

They make fun happen

Circle dancing light

Aroma glowing arena

Intersecting night

Whoosing wind rain bangs

Windows bleeding

Thunder clapping

Keep chaos at bay

Candlelight writing

Romanticizing about us

Making love till


Large cup of coffee

Days of tea bags and dry food

Caffeine mate with me

Families gather

Perfect heat source

Comfort food

Tell more stories please

Homeless leaves miles


Orange yellow mosaics

Displaced from trees

Coffee shop fun

Writing haikus while

There’s sun.

New home away

From home

Meeting once strangers

Engaging conversations

Different paths now one

Simple comforts missed

Coffee maker music hits

But it could be worse

Remaining trees

Not assassins or door mats

The best of the breed.

New found kindness

Brightening neighbors face

Smiles, courtesy

Free Verse

Veggie style survival

Veggies fear whenever

someone comes near

the refrigerator door

They wonder, what is the

person searching for?

It’s been days, minutes,

and hours locked in.

No escape from

My stinky neighbor

Mr. Provolone

Milk’s perspective

Going sour

It’s hope for survival

Wanes by each darken


Relocation, our only

hope to make It,  fresh

air from my fire escape


4 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy poetry

  1. iamforchange

    Thank you for sharing such a heart felt post, I hope all is well in your world. I know normal may be a while yet you seem to be in somewhat good spirits. I enjoy your poetry and your style. Thank you and may love fill your world.

    1. lapoetaflor

      Thank you for following and your compliments! Life becomes more normal each day. Fortunately my area mostly lost power. Other parts of Jersey and New York were left devastated.

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