Midnight Post

Creeping branches, moon

Racing to the sea

wild Mare

Midnight twilight run

9 thoughts on “Midnight Post

      1. lly1205

        Oh you take creative writing? What’s it like? I wasn’t precisely brave enough to take that route, I’m in econ so I won’t be graded on my words…

      2. lapoetaflor

        I took two creative writing classes, one specifically for poetry. I went to Rutgers and graduated ’10. They were great. They really helped me develop as a writer. It was awesome to be surrounded by writers and read their work. If you can, take a class. It can be intimidating but a good professor will create a good atmosphere for constructive feedback.

      3. lly1205

        Which Rutgers is that? I just discovered there are many, haha. Sadly I am at the end of my BA, and I am not sure yet where I’ll be for my MA, and what they’ll have to offer. If I can get a creative writing course as a elective that would be awesome

      4. lapoetaflor

        lol it’s not sad Rutgers is huge. I went to the New Brunswick campus. They are all Jersey. It’s exciting, so many possibilities right now. Even if you don’t take a course, writing here is a great way to practice and develop. ­čÖé

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