Conversation Hearts

My man is fire 

and never tires. 

tells me

He loves me

In every way 

Even in an email. 

Too cool attitude 

Sadly never met my love bug

Tells those suffering from


“Nice try but my girl is

The best in the world”
Anytime your love talks,


Especially when making decisions. 
Kindness is the tool 

To use to avoid looking

Like a fool, 

Tell them they’re great 
And appreciate their worth.
My love is a good time 

Even its just a phone call

To say hey babe
You plus me 

Equal trust

Your presence is

Just enough 
My man, my man, my man
No longer hopeless 

But feeling blessed 

Stay here 

My star 

Sometimes you have to be


But just kiss me

Like you’ve missed  me
Yes now 

Boy you’re mine

My partner to unwind 

 I see you 

I smile especially if it’s been

A while. 

A foxy lady only for my man
He tells me,

“I’m the real deal

Only for you.”

¿Pensamientos? (thoughts)

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