For Sidra

Have you been watching
the news?

Repugnant to watch the hate
mongering that seems like
it’s here to stay.

People sharing superficial statuses
to show “support”
Soft bigotry and bullshit
stories about Starbucks
coffee being bought,
fluff stories
is new millennium caring.

Ignorance breeds Islamophobia
but if only there was
dialogue they’d understand
Islam teaches about a peaceful
way of life.

Insha’ Allah, we will
move past this.

Is your family’s experience
in Canada the same?

Stories of discrimination
surging because of women
wearing hijab or burkas.
I don’t understand how
modesty is seen as repressive.
Yet objectification and
oversexualization is considered

I still get upset
when I think how we got
separated at U.S customs
coming back from Peru
sending you the small
interrogation room.

You, my example of
how to be a good person.
A true role model

I’ll be forever grateful
and honored to your friend.
My soul sister.

You will do great things.
This world needs you.

In solidarity and salam,

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