Why write?


“A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.”

My haikus are a poetic journal of every day life’s little things. This started as a project to write 645 haikus for the year I live in my apartment.  Reaching the number isn’t the important part. It’s about appreciating and finding beauty from unexpected places. Haikus are short and provide opportunities to be able to write consistently. 

Jersey Avenue

Writing 645 haikus

A new song to replace

the blues taking

place at Jersey Avenue

Morning time, the sun

heats the curtain less window

Kissing my room hello

Above in a tree

A bluebird chirps

a song

Named freedom for me

In the sky, stars dance

Roaming searching

for romance

But radiant alone

More to write

Stay tuned to

thoughts flowing

From Saturday afternoons

This poem birthed the idea. Most importantly though, I write for you.  Simple as that.


*Update 7/6/13*

That was the original intention for this blog. I did not reach 645 haikus and moved from that apartment. My kudos and deep respect to my fellow bloggers who are able to write every day. Starting this project made me focus on my poetry. This blog has helped me understand what my role as a poet is. A vessel capturing and transcribing the beauty in the world that surrounds us. When I said write for you, I mean the world.

Poetry is meant to connect. Connect ideas to images and sounds. Connect the feelings of our collective human experience to words. Connect me to you.

13 thoughts on “Why write?

  1. ruleofstupid

    Don’t write for me, write for you – from the heart. You can’t know me, but trust that when I see your heart, I will want to know you 🙂
    That’s how I see it anyway.
    Thank you for following, I shall be doing likewise. I hope you can forgive the somewhat random nature of my posts!

    1. lapoetaflor

      Thank you for following back! I’m sure I’ll enjoy the random posts. Life is random. 🙂

      That’s a very sweet compliment! I do write for myself but I’m like the pit stop before the final destination which is the reader. I see myself as a vessel. I take in experiences and observations and transcribe them to poetic form so it can be shared.

      Poetry is a wonderful way to connect people and ultimately that’s what I would like to do. Sorry if I rambled lol

  2. David

    Thank you for the follow. I hope I will write something that will interest you. Comments & thoughts always welcomed. Take Care.

    1. lapoetaflor

      Hi Ana,

      Yes I do write in Spanish. You just gave me the idea to make a seperate category for my poetry in Spanish.

      No problem, I enjoyed reading your blog 🙂

  3. Sibylle Ingeborg Preuschat

    I just recently started writing a haiku almost every day… some days it’s just not possible… I love how observant it makes me tp do this practice. I feel more connected to myself and to nature… all the other living beings.

    1. lapoetaflor

      I completely agree. You start to notice more subtle details to things. I like that it makes you use words more effectively. Writing haikus left an imprint on how I write my verse.

  4. stephendallen

    First, and foremost; thank you. You seemed to get the core of “Through The Cracked Window”, you may also like “Beyond The Cracked Window”

    I live somewhere between the two areas. I now live beyond the window but the past always pulls choices from the “Through Window” phase into life.

    We were who we were: Past
    We are who we CAN BE: Present
    We Become whatever we allude to be:

    We are poets:

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