our life

is a hologram

a dreamed reality

that our self

periodically visits

from another


living the opposite

of the choices

we’ve made.


You are

more than

a droplet

in the sea

of souls


A fingerprint

Etched in

cosmic gold dust

Fulfilling your destiny

Poetry Book Review

Hello fellow bloggers,

I’d like to take a small departure from my regular poetry writing and review my friend Kevin Marquez’s book “Towards the Question Mark” available on Amazon.com

Towards the Question Mark provides a poetic insight as to what it is like growing up in New York City. The poetic narrator takes the reader on a journey through family strife, of loves born and lost. As a reader, you find yourself rooting this poetic narrator on. Kevin uses a variety of poetic forms to convey different aspects of a native New Yorker’s life.
There are some academics that question the legitimacy of Spanglish in literary works, Kevin’s use of Spanglish ,however, in selected poems represent the voice of this generation of Latino writers. I invite you all to join this writer’s journey. It provides a window to one man’s trial and tribulations with the Big Apple as the setting.

Use the link below to purchase a copy.


Happy reading and writing everyone!

Bottoms Up social reading 

Hello everyone! 

I was recently in Washington Heights, New York for Charlie Uptown’s Bottoms Up one year anniversary show. 

I read a poem from my upcoming book “A Hike of the Self” out next month. 
Happy writing everyone! 

Book release


I’d like to formally announce that I am currently working on my first book. Many of the pieces will be from my blog but I am also working on pieces that will not be published here. 

Thank you so much to all of you that reading and comment my pieces. You have been an inspiration and motivating force in my writing process. 
Happy writing everyone!