Doctor delivered

The diagnosis

A cliché case

Of unrequited

Love to the poet

Doctor described

The disease.  Your

Heart was stretched

Broken, now Jackson

Pollock red






Body shakes in waves

Cycle of anger, sadness,

and longing. Jealous

Thoughts will eat

Away at your brain

She prescribed

Reading and

Writing poetry

Every single


Reading Neruda’s

Poem 19, weeping

To words so bittersweet

He understood her

Sorrow and pain

He wrote, love is

Short but forgetting

Happens maybe

The next


Her heart cried

Tears, she didn’t

Know she had.

Alone, she fell


Beating butterflies

Now  Decrepit Upside

down,  but still she


and yearned

she saw him everywhere

even in a stranger’s

stare, her greatest

source of inspiration


spoke in poetic

verse to be understood,

she never knew

how strong mind body

soul could connect

But alone

She fell


He left a footprint

In her soul

She hoped the

Cosmos would hear

her cries, mutual

Love would be

The reply

But she couldn’t

Wait Participate in the

Sweet torture

Agony anymore

She now ignored

She followed the

Poetic prescription

Heal from the description

but she will always love

Him till her end.

¿Pensamientos? (thoughts)

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