A Superficial society
Sets the standard with
Brazilian waxes,
To get bigger asses
Because the world
Doesn’t see us
With rose colored

No such thing as
A hairy cutie.
Women should be
About you
they’ll careless.
Bareskin pussies
Makes for hot stock
If you don’t have it
Expect to get dropped
And forget about getting
A rock.

Beauty over brains
Because then it’s easier
To hold the reigns.
modern day Prostuition
sometimes permitted by
The constitution.

Accessories to a sports car
Set to compete
With the fabricated
Image of stars.
Need to be seen
With a bad bitch
Who does all the
Latest porn star tricks
To fulfill
Relentless sexual fix.

I will not conform
To look uniform
Like a botched Barbie
I am not a toy
Are you still a
Little boy?
I am not plastic
If you see me naked
every inch is
Fucking fanstastic.

I am enough
When my skin
Is rough
If my toes are
Have a pimple
Ready to erupt

I am what I choose
No need for approval
To Feel beautiful
Whether young or old
Feel it
Regardless of what you are
Break the mold
You are worth
Your weight in gold.

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