Amy Amy Amy

No you weren’t good
You are the best.
In trouble
But you weren’t the type
To be saved.

Voice echoing
The irrevocable
Paints with
Every emotion’s
Your music
the soundtrack
To each of my

I always
Find myself
Waking up alone,
Suffering the abuse
From alcohol.
Searching for
The elusive he.
He that can hold us
He that is
stronger than us
that Will love us
And after that.
He that will bond
An everlasting we.
I want to know him
And what it’s like
To love him.

I knew once
What it’s like to
Love from the soul
And what it felt
Like to have your heart
the lesson learned is
Tears dry on their own,
With most men
It’s best to
Just be friends.

Love Is a losing game
And each battle
I’ve lost.
Still hoping
To one day
Win the war.

Your songs
Nectar for my soul
Endless repetition of your
Although you faded to black
Amy, I just want you back

2 thoughts on “Amy Amy Amy

  1. The Unfolding

    This is an amazing piece, Yese…! ~ So I saw you liked a piece of mine and thought, “I haven’t seen anything from her in a while…” Then I click over and find I’m not following you… (Look at my face… 8-/ ) Don’t even know how that happened with the exception of the Iphone places the follow/unfollow link on the same line as it’s notifications, and it’s happened before that trying to click someone’s link either follows or unfollows them… Sigh… ~ Anyway, I see I’ve got a bit of catching up to do with your posts. ~ Following you again… Whew. 🙂

    1. Yesenia

      Thanks Bill for always being an avid reader and supporter. I always throughly enjoy reading your work as well. I’ve had the same problem with my iPhone too. Happy writing and reading to you. 😁

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