Please give me
another term
because what
I’m observing
is best described
as absurd

I am
first generation
born and bred
in the good ol’
U.S. of A.
I’ll be quick
to say
Te amo Peru
it doesn’t stop
my heart
from beating
and blue.

Walls are built
at the border
to establish
so called order.
Illegal aliens
are invading
but the skies
are clear.
They are people
not thieves
El Chapo
or rapists
as stereotypes
would have you

I am
an anchor baby,
parents surviving
on 25 cent yogurts
bare floors
as a mattress
manual labor
lost in translation
being their Sacajawea
their motivating force
sacrificing their all
so we can have the most.

to the culture,
celebrating the 4th
of July
waiting for fireworks
to illuminate the sky
1st place in the Geography bee
stretchy pants
for an all you can eat
Thanksgiving feast,
Deep roots in the Garden state
Proud Scarlet Knight
R.U. all day
driven to succeed
defying the odds
23 with a master’s degree
paying it forward
teaching children
to be all
that they can be
my subject is Spanish
so it’s
Si se puede

El puebloUnido

Jamás será


bridging the gap
to prevent
the chance to attack.

I am the
American Dream
exercising my free speech
holding steadfast
to the pursuit
of happiness
and liberty.

6 thoughts on “Birthright

  1. lzowens

    Hola! Please tell me you’re publishing a book soon! Or at least that you have some pieces published in other places as well so your gift can be shared as widely as possible! : )

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