Leaves droop down

Before it rains

First lesson before

We were friends.

Learning a new code

Of how to live

Helping me to grow wings.

Now understanding the Moon

its cycles and

how it affects an attitude.

Voice etched with Honesty,

describing how music defines

the Universe.

Practicing to love

Without it being


Giving every




ounce of my soul

Fulfilled with the

deepest love

I’ve ever known.

illustrated how I was

a natural stone cold


professing, you are

perfect to me

an angel in disguise.

But Became wise

to see

Past the game

And its lies.


In keeping secrets

Mastering how to

Face disappointment




Concealing what I felt

Choking on unspoken

Repetitive thoughts

Never heard

Come to me

He said and said

We deceived

Were each other’s pet peeves

But had moments of serenity

Spirits connected and at ease

Holding on to hope

Trying to desperately believe

That we were meant to be

Not just



Gifted me a

vital lesson.

Walk away

from anyone that

Won’t let the mind rest

Feel your best

Makes you take bullets

To the chest

Depressed because your

Voice is oppressed

Only calls to see you


Has you stressed from

The incessant staring

Of another woman’s breasts

Makes you forget that

You are blessed.

Break the cycle

pass the test.

Bad break up?


The Great Divide


Nothing is picture perfect

It’s always just surface


No trophy wife display

Without a word to say


No deception when

He feels an erection


No crocodile tears

Or empty promises


Fresh flowers to

Falsify fucking

Erased from

My heart




Loss of his name

Face and scent


Throw dirt on the

Casket door



Stranger in every sense

Of the word





No one is messing

With me myself or I


Not Blinded

by anyone’s