Dad, superhero 

radition therapy

Protect him angels 

A song

But not of desperation


it’s a fight to believe

in the American dream

that I was raised with.

Physicians are in the position

to make life or death decisions

or if they even want to listen

to your symptoms.

we are all sick

with chronic limiting beliefs

pained with bills

and bills

and bills

making us ill

driving to kill

it’s dog eat dog.

We are suffering from

blurred visions

our dreams hiding

behind perpetual fog.

Yes we are sick

with food poisoning


that companies blame on


meat infused with

growth hormones

dollar menus


heart disease




patients popping

pharmacy pill prescriptions.

Organic supermarket

fed by the rich

to make revenue

But inequality

and inequity

are not new

to this venue.

This country was built

by slaves

No one giving two fucks

about the lives

they gave.

We are sick



But America

you can still be beautiful

from the Redwood forests

to purple magic mountain majesty,

the fight is not over

nor the struggle to be free

Yes America

I’m fighting to believe

looking for a cure

for my symptoms

to be relieved.