It starts with a word

A whisper from the soul

Threads phrases into lines

That sometimes rhyme


Dreams and reality converge

On the page, poet’s canvas

For word play. Designing

Immortality’s stage


Fulfill stardust destiny

Of spreading art from

Sea to sea. Can’t stop

Words keep coming to me


Giving new eyes

From which to see

This lens pushes

My pen


Looking around

Haikus, tankas, odes

And verse all waiting

To be found



Transcribing the ordinary

To images and sound

Understanding simplicity

Is profound


Studying the greats

Neruda, Storni, y Marti

Their verses hold the

Key of poetic divinity


Reading, writing, reciting

Writing, reciting, reading

Reciting, reading, writing

Blissful insanity


And so line by line

I’m going to take this

World, and make it


¿Pensamientos? (thoughts)

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