It starts with a word

A whisper from the soul

Threads phrases into lines

That sometimes rhyme


Dreams and reality converge

On the page, poet’s canvas

For word play. Designing

Immortality’s stage


Fulfill stardust destiny

Of spreading art from

Sea to sea. Can’t stop

Words keep coming to me


Giving new eyes

From which to see

This lens pushes

My pen


Looking around

Haikus, tankas, odes

And verse all waiting

To be found



Transcribing the ordinary

To images and sound

Understanding simplicity

Is profound


Studying the greats

Neruda, Storni, y Marti

Their verses hold the

Key of poetic divinity


Reading, writing, reciting

Writing, reciting, reading

Reciting, reading, writing

Blissful insanity


And so line by line

I’m going to take this

World, and make it



I dreamed of

Machu Picchu

the voices of

my ancestors

calling to my soul

evoking past life


Royalty, daughter

of the sky

standing by

mama ocllo’s side.

Constructed our

masterpieces in


Regal and adorned

in gold. Our empire

vast and wide

We lived on top

of the mountains

civilization on the rise

Inti nuturing

the land

cultivated to feed





no hunger

observing the cosmos

masters in astrology.

Protective mist, shield

against the ignorance

and the weapons

they would wield.

green serenity

time escapes in

temple of the sun

Inca’s sanctuary

for fun.




If they never came

Quechua would

fountain flow

from our mouths

but history weighs,

colossal structure

now slowly

descending back

to Earth.

When this life

cycle ends, send

my ashes back

My spirit knows

the way.

Dreams of Cuba

Making love

on white beach

drunk from

sugar cane rum


Dancing mambo

y rumba, fiel

a la causa of

Perfecting my salsa


Eyes only for

me, rebels escaped

feasting under

Caribbean sun


Ocean waves

wash away

worries, things

are certain



Savoring island

treats, keeping

the seeds. your

fruit I bear.



Time at our

feet, future

past, present

balanced and fair