The struggle is real

but I refuse to accept

that fates are sealed.

when reality is harsh

it becomes surreal.

Violence and poverty

are steel like chains

causing inequality

to remain.

Shootings on street corners

believed to be the hood’s

epidemic but history

proves it’s a repetitive


Death left to rot

in the streets

expecting everyone

to nonchalantly

march to their beat.

A modern version

of the Colosseum

leaves people

suffering with delirium.

Feed them

students can’t learn

if they’re hungry or cold.

Injustice is a 17 year old

not knowing how to read

1984 to understand

how to be freed.




Walmart made a deal

with the devil

to reach higher levels

while they treat employees

like pebbles.


But it’s not just them


we’re running a human

drag race with false

head starts and

unequal distribution of parts

based on arbitrary decisions

or who your kin is.


We were founded

by rebels that yelled

no more

And when given

no choice

they found their voice.

Wake up America

and make some noise.





Poetry brings clarity

in a world filled

with insanity


Long time ago

a friendship was born

with a pen


whispered words

from worlds not seen

or heard, truth


Masked in metaphors

but it shines

bright blue


Pen weaved words

bringing comfort

to the soul



Because it will

get beaten down

and worn


Band aids can’t heal

bullet wounds, restoration

found in literary art


In solitude, pen proved

to be the greatest

of friends


Promised to be

loyal till it’s last



Provided a root for

inner strength’s tree

to grow


Leaves of creativity

and hope

fountain flows.

Voodoo Child

Voodoo Child

I speak with a stare

can leave your body

feeling lighter than air

Serenade your skin

with kisses velvet soft

Convert fantasies into


Navigate my way





you’ll feel my power

in your mouth

feel like the luckiest

man alive.

I’ll warn just once

Don’t fuck with me.

I’ll leave you

high and dry

without warning

or goodbye

because I can

turn fire into ice,

if you don’t play




I dreamed of

Machu Picchu

the voices of

my ancestors

calling to my soul

evoking past life


Royalty, daughter

of the sky

standing by

mama ocllo’s side.

Constructed our

masterpieces in


Regal and adorned

in gold. Our empire

vast and wide

We lived on top

of the mountains

civilization on the rise

Inti nuturing

the land

cultivated to feed





no hunger

observing the cosmos

masters in astrology.

Protective mist, shield

against the ignorance

and the weapons

they would wield.

green serenity

time escapes in

temple of the sun

Inca’s sanctuary

for fun.




If they never came

Quechua would

fountain flow

from our mouths

but history weighs,

colossal structure

now slowly

descending back

to Earth.

When this life

cycle ends, send

my ashes back

My spirit knows

the way.