Poetry brings clarity

in a world filled

with insanity


Long time ago

a friendship was born

with a pen


whispered words

from worlds not seen

or heard, truth


Masked in metaphors

but it shines

bright blue


Pen weaved words

bringing comfort

to the soul



Because it will

get beaten down

and worn


Band aids can’t heal

bullet wounds, restoration

found in literary art


In solitude, pen proved

to be the greatest

of friends


Promised to be

loyal till it’s last



Provided a root for

inner strength’s tree

to grow


Leaves of creativity

and hope

fountain flows.

Star child road

Heart wishes


Family roaming

the home, never

alone,always cared

for and warm



patter feet

chasing bulldog

to play




all around

to stay




Wonder at

the world

Believing the



Chasing destiny

Written for

searching, waiting

for signs, intune


Exploring, never

held down, wild

stallion attitude

With a half that’s true




Releasing lead

breadcrumbs of past

Fighting temptations

That lead to missteps


Sailing on lake, calm

enveloped by trees

Pristine green, path

swallowed by the sea


Underwater to reach

the core

the answers we

all look for