Star child road

Heart wishes


Family roaming

the home, never

alone,always cared

for and warm



patter feet

chasing bulldog

to play




all around

to stay




Wonder at

the world

Believing the



Chasing destiny

Written for

searching, waiting

for signs, intune


Exploring, never

held down, wild

stallion attitude

With a half that’s true




Releasing lead

breadcrumbs of past

Fighting temptations

That lead to missteps


Sailing on lake, calm

enveloped by trees

Pristine green, path

swallowed by the sea


Underwater to reach

the core

the answers we

all look for

more haikus

Empathy, loving

Big open armed

teddy bear

melting away cares




Deep in, hide and seek

Layers unraveling me

safe. self protection



Illusion of knowledge

Enlightenment can

be found

Reality shines






Black stiletto heels

Dancing till the music

gets killed

Champagne sipping  life







Morning bird social

Hopping branches

different gossip

news networking nests






Trees birth knowledge


Wisdom gifts the trunk

its rings

its seeds get eaten