Love yourself haikus

Patience my virtue

Loves long reaching

waves crash down

Touching those around



Listen to yourself

Commit to the voice


Guides you to a win



Discover passions

Like rainforest rain



The earth needs it


Radiate your strength

Positivity will glow

Know your worth,

it shows


Shepherding the way

Walk the path

starts with self

Let go of egos


Bouncy ball self, free

Singing dancing

in the streets

Zesty salsa wave



Breathe, slowly

in, out

Follow nature’s change

Be still and let go



Feelings flowing down

Intuition magic wand

Marks truth’s direction


My love, Deep ocean

Washes acid hurt

skin burns

Forgiving errors


Spread love up and down

Showing empathy, smile

I love you readers



Love yourself and write

journal, napkin

the mind’s eye

Publish on wordpress










Haikus en espanol

Queremos paz, ya

La violencia es social





Ama sin temor

Destino escrito, listo

La Esperanza




Expresa empatia

Amor, tu alrededor

Mi harmonia






Love to Connecticut

World, let’s practice peace

United, violence will cease

Children now angels

more haikus

Empathy, loving

Big open armed

teddy bear

melting away cares




Deep in, hide and seek

Layers unraveling me

safe. self protection



Illusion of knowledge

Enlightenment can

be found

Reality shines