Getting clarity

Thoughts on paper, a mirror

Writer reflection


Birthed from

Thorn lined womb

But kept rose

colored view




Love floats like

Gentle summer

Breeze, but

It’s not for me




Concrete jungle

Waves of violence

Blood splashed streets

Reality hits





Images split

Once believed

No longer seen

Life inspired visions





Tree root Feet

Grounded, Mother

Earth whispers

Despierta* to me





* wake up

Odds and Ends

Black and white thinking

Existing in shades of grey






Saturday slumber

Sweet sleep

soundless sunrise

Shadow silhouettes





More Soul reflections

Looking for a compass


Developing sages

more haikus

Empathy, loving

Big open armed

teddy bear

melting away cares




Deep in, hide and seek

Layers unraveling me

safe. self protection



Illusion of knowledge

Enlightenment can

be found

Reality shines