Journal Haikus

Reflections of life

Captured in all different hues

Glimpses of my views




Keeper of secrets

Great listener of all my woes

Place where wisdom flows




Leather bounded book

Highlighting what to learn

Keepsake, timeless words


Wings gained

after  falling

again and


I belong to

the air, gliding

along with

no care


Tornado Fast

change, simmer

to summer breeze

Roam everywhere


Unbounded energy

Not held by gravity

Hump Day

Jersey jungle drive

Dodging tractor trailershots

Crazy morning rides



Scar, cat scratched

pink fade

Look down, all I see

is him

Now faithfully his



Answers deep within

A voice waiting to erupt

Listening to  truth







Snowflakes kissing leaves

Tree branches


and bare

Crunch crunch say the leaves



Cooking saucy meat

Warming up to

stove top heat

Savory drizzle






Find the easy way

Life points in the

right direction

Enjoy the journey



Butterflies float

from my mouth

My truth

etched on  their



Each flap

creates a new tune

ignites the road

rose blue


They tighten

their embrace

Lifting and

guiding me west


to the Pacific where

Waters wash blue

A seashell protects

my heart from view

heart beats create



Bouncing off each wave

Watching ocean

greet east crystal



a king oak

ingested the river

Rose high to kiss

the sun hello and


Golden core


Each limb climbs higher

than  before


Sapphire wings flap south

where a man reached


he didn’t stop

the hurt

then a new normal began


Our guardian north star

We drink from its

light to

pollinate the world

with truth’s might