On February 14th

NYC took me out

on a date


Cosmopolitan allure

multilingual skill



Knew how to

thrill, fluorescent

sound all around


Drew me in

with honey roasted

peanut scents


But a cheapskate

McDonald’s dinner

on Valentine’s Day


You’re beautiful


beautiful it said


Captivated me with

hidden gems

then took me to bed.

Tuesday Morning

My pen loves the skies

Blue backdrop

Hope on the rise

Puffy pillow clouds




Avocado egg

Creamy, on whole wheat delight

Caramel coffee


Snowflakes kissing leaves

Tree branches


and bare

Crunch crunch say the leaves



Cooking saucy meat

Warming up to

stove top heat

Savory drizzle






Find the easy way

Life points in the

right direction

Enjoy the journey