Completion the goal
Magnifying glass, focus
Tunnel to the light



happen quicker

than you can

say them


After you settle

in, it’ll take you

on a different



Grounded like a tree

to carry on with

grace and dignity

Let go effortlessly


You’ll win and lose

Dance in the rain

then sing the blues

Feel all kinds of hues


Hold hope

Seek to go deep

Let faith reign

Live your truth


Snowflakes kissing leaves

Tree branches


and bare

Crunch crunch say the leaves



Cooking saucy meat

Warming up to

stove top heat

Savory drizzle






Find the easy way

Life points in the

right direction

Enjoy the journey



Walking my path

practicing the

Arahant Ways


Collecting jewels

along the road

to take refuge


Five lotuses well

Groomed and

Freshly bloomed.


Sitting under the

Bodhi tree is

where he found me


for my 5 lotuses

these truths

he revealed


Don’t show worry

Only concern,


The page is the

Poet’s stage,


Write every

day, make

It your






Art does

not belong to

you, it’s the world’s

To revel in.