Grounded in truth

Connected to your essence

Divine by nature 


Completion the goal
Magnifying glass, focus
Tunnel to the light

A message

Fabricated reality

muted dreams

mouth sewed with

black thread

so caught up in routine

you’re dead

Doubt the assassin

Capped potential

in the masses

Talent transcends

social classes.

Take ownership

break the social


because life goes by

too quick

just flow with it

Chase your destiny

defeat monotony

fulfill your purpose

be a whole person


in this life

not the next


give it your best.


Sinatra Sunday

Coffee brews inspiration

Strangers in moonlight


If hearts

could sing

it would sound

like her

seamlessly going

through the highs

and lows

velvet sound

notes like tear

drops, but in


bouncing on

the scale

speaking a language

you can’t understand

universal love

whispers that

break glass

cries that fill

the blackholes

of the universe.

But maybe

its like his

pain and strain

yet beautifully

dancing in the rain

truth, every emotion

it’s own hue

reflection of where

your thoughts roam

warm home

tenderness of the soul



Dedicated to all my fellow teachers, who work hard. Don’t get recognized as they should and live in an era where we face constant scrutiny. We fight the good fight. Justice for the Newark 7!!


Teach to reach new heights

Minds ignited, powerful

strength, patience, wisdom


My cry into

the world, my

vision to leave it

better than before.

People paint

with the color of

their dreams.

things are

what they seem

Everyone living in



descending from

the trees

Streets lined,

with mobile libraries.

Knowledge sought

everything free


And poetry



sheet music

to every scene.


Intuned with

the world

soul ready

to soar


No longer

walking the

tight rope

feet grounded


Signs like

constellation stars

map to destiny

to be revealed



Thoughts clear

anticipating a

bright future

that’s near


Find my inner peace
Climb a sky kissing mountain
Only new heights to reach


Divine source finds me
Protective embrace, asleep
Nourishing my soul