Subway encounters

Sitting with navy blue

bleach stained sweatpants

La Virgencita dangling

from her young neck

Golden hoops and a messy bun

of black hair, reaching inside

an Andean woven handbag

for Jon Krakauer ‘s Missoula

Earmarked page 29

Reading, radiating


Dear Stanford Rape Victim

You are not a victim
but a survivor.

Victims are paralyzed
survivors find strength
in the pain

You did not ask for this
but now you’re shining,
a lighthouse
to those who did not get
their day in court.

Using your voice
to testify against
injustice of class and privilege
not going quietly into the night
rape perpetrators need to live in fear
not us.

I read your story
with wet eyes,
as survivors
we are bonded
empathizing through the process

rape is rape

Rape can happen
behind dumpsters
with a stranger,
at college party
with a friend,
in your home
with a spouse,
at home with
a family member

regardless of circumstances

rape is rape.

20 minutes of action caused
irrevocable damage to you
the public to dissect
the worst experience of your life

But I can tell you that

you will feel your worth again
the nightmares will stop
you will feel safe
you will find intimacy
you will feel confident
most importantly,
your voice and power
have already been found.

You are not a victim,
you are surviving
and soon you will be

Courage found in your vulnerability

soak up your own words,
you are beautiful
you are valued
you are respected
you are powerful

and I am with you.

The way

Eyes on the prize

because I stumble

but don’t fall

best believe I

will have it all.

Eyes on the prize

you won’t see my demise

I’m set to




far beyond the sky




Following Maya’s legacy

Phenomenal woman

can’t you see?

don’t give a shit style

Don’t care for your

expectations of me

Learned to let those


I’m living



being me.


Dedicated to all my fellow teachers, who work hard. Don’t get recognized as they should and live in an era where we face constant scrutiny. We fight the good fight. Justice for the Newark 7!!


Teach to reach new heights

Minds ignited, powerful

strength, patience, wisdom


Find my inner peace
Climb a sky kissing mountain
Only new heights to reach