If hearts

could sing

it would sound

like her

seamlessly going

through the highs

and lows

velvet sound

notes like tear

drops, but in


bouncing on

the scale

speaking a language

you can’t understand

universal love

whispers that

break glass

cries that fill

the blackholes

of the universe.

But maybe

its like his

pain and strain

yet beautifully

dancing in the rain

truth, every emotion

it’s own hue

reflection of where

your thoughts roam

warm home

tenderness of the soul


Poetic Code

My thoughts

free flow

thoughts and feelings

you’ll know


On the page

clearer than


Serenity of mind



Tastes like a

rhyme, sweet

delicate treat

Sensation sweeps



Count the syllables

Observer madly writing

Haikus become form


Journeying away

from home

carrying pen

in tow


the only thing

needed besides

life to adore


Quiet uncertainty

Silence, curtain like

drapes the mind

Prickle stomach bit



Like moth to a flame

Feelings remain the same, stay

Feasting on his eyes