Manor Ave.

For one summer
I was invincible,
Flying underneath
the trees.

A pink bicycle
was my wings,
three friends
sharing one joyride.

Learned how to fly
thanks to my ducks
Melissa & Kim

One block
in a one square mile
seemed like the world.

by wet cement,
flanked by fireflies
held close by August nights

Days of smiling and shrieking
bellies full of slushies.

I never rode again.


Memories filled streets

Friendly neighbors say hello

One square mile town

Impromptu Street Performance

This is a video of me doing a spontaneous reading of my latest poem “Identity” at Riverview Park in Jersey City, New Jersey with people playing the conga.



Floating umbrellas

Shoveling igloo tunnels

Snow up to my eyes


Distant chuch bells sing

Breeze blows by, hint of summer

Bench facing the world


Jersey City Dreaming

New York City winking, gleaming

Living enveloped


Saturday Haikus

At the stop, waiting

People coming and going

Envying the cars





In the heights of life

City viewing paradise

Diversity park

Hump Day

Jersey jungle drive

Dodging tractor trailershots

Crazy morning rides



Scar, cat scratched

pink fade

Look down, all I see

is him

Now faithfully his



Answers deep within

A voice waiting to erupt

Listening to  truth







Freedom, mustang run

Exploring under the sun






Jersey honking wars

Anger contests. blaring


on each avenue



Whisker wet kisses

Purring perfection

perched paws

Pretty coat, eyes glow