Manor Ave.

For one summer
I was invincible,
Flying underneath
the trees.

A pink bicycle
was my wings,
three friends
sharing one joyride.

Learned how to fly
thanks to my ducks
Melissa & Kim

One block
in a one square mile
seemed like the world.

by wet cement,
flanked by fireflies
held close by August nights

Days of smiling and shrieking
bellies full of slushies.

I never rode again.


A child discovering

what one day

will be old


Guided by instinct

connected to

future self



Mislabeled as

naive but

in reality


Holding keys

Unlocking secrets

Knowing the unseen


Senses keen like

a cat landing

on his feet


Adults need help

Imagination lost

Wonder less


Settling for routines

that don’t include

their dreams


Pink packed lunch box joy

Turkey sandwich meets apple

Now ready to go