My feline friend

says I love you

either with

a meow

a kiss

wanting a boop

grooming me too

walking together

like sidekicks

or gets into a

perfect purring position

on my chest

drifting off

to peaceful rest.


The warmth of your
furry little body
the sweetest of sensations

Freed from your cage
Reborn as my lady

Velvet black coat
like a tuxedo
with a white patch

you meow hello
you meow wake up
meow meow meow
feed me

the best alarm clock
snuggling me at a
quarter to five

sleeping at my feet
above my head, on my chest
or next to my bosom
and humming a purring melody

you patiently wait
every morning as I
fight past my morning haze

as my left foot
searches for one slipper
and the right follows next

our noses kiss
to say goodbye
and hello

every day you adjust
into the sweetest
nap time poses

one paw lazily
extends past another
or covers your face

sleep sleep sleep
yawn yawn yawn
and belly rubs

innocent face hunter
you pounce, wail
determination etched
on your face

eyes green like grapes
widen every time
I eat chicken

You’re like Garfield
trapped in a skinny

Harder for you
to get adopted
because you have FIV
which is cat HIV

Grateful that I found you
because you’re the perfect
kitty to me.

In Memorium

Only the strong survive
you seemed more like a
cat with nine lives

I sense your passing
the dull in your swim
the dimming of green

but watching you
left me serene
and at peace

Neruda, the poet fish
Lived a solitary life
Inspiring poetry

Putting me in a trance
found a way to make
words dance

Surviving the passing
of your tank mates
Eating timidly
Appetite light

Great listener
looked me in the eyes
and mouth a meaningful
reply, always an ally

Your spirit of strength
my fish baby
leaving a beautiful
legacy to carry on.


Meditative monk

Eye locking, whisker kisses

Melodies of purrs 


Fluorescent green swims
Solitary companion
Water Warrior


Date with desriny
Waiting to meet
Left eye patch
Batman Halloween

Tank Life

Neruda the narcasstic

fish, that fell in love

now stuck in the tank

Staring at his reflection

peck, peck, peck

Loner, electric

green eyes

brooding in a corner

no surprises

just sulky

My fishy friends

Amaru parades

Black armor suit

the tank villain

an ambush, she’s slayed



Monroe finding freedom

fanning her fancy

tail, defeated the foe

releasing an exhale



Inti, neon bright

Rules the stones

swimming through plants

doing a vertical dance