He never loved

me and he

showed it all

the time


Left me hanging

high and dry.

Left my questions



I cried maybe

half the time

in between sobs

asking why why why


It started to become

clear but sex was

good so it kept

me near


Rotation of women

Invited to his room

he couldn’t even keep

a count


I wrote sad poems

and cried

while I made

them rhyme


Always had eyes on

all other women

around persuing them

without care


So I’d go home

with a frown wonder

what was wrong

with me


Coffee not sweet?

Chicken not right?

Not good enough for

the night?


Until one day

I was sick of

only him enjoying

the ride


Truth be told

I came maybe 1 out

of 10 times, by my

hand to satisfy


He never loved

me but I do

did and

always will


So with men like

that, I’ve learned to

close the door. Ladies

just say no to manwhores.

My fishy friends

Amaru parades

Black armor suit

the tank villain

an ambush, she’s slayed



Monroe finding freedom

fanning her fancy

tail, defeated the foe

releasing an exhale



Inti, neon bright

Rules the stones

swimming through plants

doing a vertical dance


Remote control dive

The couch swallows everything

Crumbs swim across sea