If hearts

could sing

it would sound

like her

seamlessly going

through the highs

and lows

velvet sound

notes like tear

drops, but in


bouncing on

the scale

speaking a language

you can’t understand

universal love

whispers that

break glass

cries that fill

the blackholes

of the universe.

But maybe

its like his

pain and strain

yet beautifully

dancing in the rain

truth, every emotion

it’s own hue

reflection of where

your thoughts roam

warm home

tenderness of the soul



It’s that first

kiss, hungry for

his mouth and

everything south


My little furnace

bodies intersect

each time feels

better yet


He knows where

I want his hands to

roam, his chest

my home



Joy explosions

radiating waves

of happiness from

head to feet


Not knowing when

we’ll meet again,

I’ll miss you

till then.


Steals glances

Commands attention

like the sun


She’ll make you

laugh, and show

great fun


A warning must

be made, bitterness

to the lemonade


She’ll set your heart

on fire, fullfill

your pant’s desire


But oh baby

she’s a liar

Tongue unleashes fire


She’s a viper

love lethal

poison attack


Don’t turn your

back if you want

a fighting chance


Everything trouble

but you’ll just want

her double


Forget the performance

in bed, and think

with your head.




Poner el grito

en el cielo

convertir fuego

a hielo


Perseguir Nuestra

América de Martí

celebrar libertad

cantar como el coquí


Corre en mi

la sangre de Inti

voz fuerte como

el marfil


Fui creada para

combatir los asesinos

de Atahualpa, Motecuhzoma

Tupac Amaru, unos entre mil


Luchar y buscar

a donde esta la verdad

quizás por los

fondos del mar


Rescatar al pueblo

curar el mal

el conocimiento

nos salvará


La revolucion

empieza ya.




My cry into

the world, my

vision to leave it

better than before.

People paint

with the color of

their dreams.

things are

what they seem

Everyone living in



descending from

the trees

Streets lined,

with mobile libraries.

Knowledge sought

everything free


And poetry



sheet music

to every scene.


Black stallion

sleek mane with

a streak of white


Wild, roaming

his countryside




its green



Drinking from a

lake observing

rolling clouds


Leader, Rearing

with any to keep

his spot


He decides

his speed and

satisfies his needs


There’s an itch

in my soul

begging to explore


Get lost and

step into the



Feast on shades

of blue and green

hues of my dreams


Disappear, nurse

from nature’s breast

feel its caress


Marvel at stones

weathered by storms

hundreds of years old


Create a new reality

finally live the





A life

Footprints lead 

to the top

Branch view sunset


Grew alone

among a sea

of lilies and daffodils


Enjoyed the

temperament touch

of the wind


Mesmerized by 

stars outlined

constellations with leaves


Nature giving it

rings on its



Hollow bark

nests fireflies

deep inside


Light dances

for a second

its alive.



Broken fragments

of where

you once lived


Morning locking

eyes, making

love to sun rise


Bermuda love triangle

Thoughts, negative

on replay


I cut

the tape




Star child road

Heart wishes


Family roaming

the home, never

alone,always cared

for and warm



patter feet

chasing bulldog

to play




all around

to stay




Wonder at

the world

Believing the



Chasing destiny

Written for

searching, waiting

for signs, intune


Exploring, never

held down, wild

stallion attitude

With a half that’s true




Releasing lead

breadcrumbs of past

Fighting temptations

That lead to missteps


Sailing on lake, calm

enveloped by trees

Pristine green, path

swallowed by the sea


Underwater to reach

the core

the answers we

all look for