Pigeons at church
Bell tower mass

Pavement bouncing
with wounded words
thrown at children
I testify
against injustice.

mom and pop are
closing shop
chains and chains
straws on
broken backs.

Anyone hiring?
Window shopping
just admiring
Cycle conditions
are tiring.

Unity and scrutiny
will restore
the purity.

Voice is my choice
Simple like
how morning grass
is moist.
Not time to fear
The struggle is here.

Battle Cry

I’m facing zeroes
Knowing I’m my only Hero.
Back against the wall
Microscopic small
The way it’s always been
for as long as
I can recall.

The powers that be
Don’t give a shit
About me.
Choking on cheap checks
That bounce
banks charge
An overdraft fee
When I got no fucking

Dollars only seem to know
Getting paid in fractions
Gives me no satisfaction

Held Captive
Becoming adaptive
And reactive.
The masses sit
Distracted by the media,
We are suffering from
Cultural anemia.

the rich get richer
And poor and get poorer
Has been said countless
Times before
But what will it take to
Go to war?
we’re already fighting
for Just
a couple bucks more

A revolution
The solution
To eliminate
Economic pollution.
It starts with
Poems that kill
Written in Amiri’s
Poetic will.
The call for leaders
Who stand tall
Like cedars.

If you aren’t Causing
Waves Of change
Then you’re the root
Of why the problem


Poner el grito

en el cielo

convertir fuego

a hielo


Perseguir Nuestra

América de Martí

celebrar libertad

cantar como el coquí


Corre en mi

la sangre de Inti

voz fuerte como

el marfil


Fui creada para

combatir los asesinos

de Atahualpa, Motecuhzoma

Tupac Amaru, unos entre mil


Luchar y buscar

a donde esta la verdad

quizás por los

fondos del mar


Rescatar al pueblo

curar el mal

el conocimiento

nos salvará


La revolucion

empieza ya.