Beauty, bare branches

Fragile of avalanches

Snow disrupts life flow




Midnight Post

Creeping branches, moon

Racing to the sea

wild Mare

Midnight twilight run

Sky Haikus

Pink painted skies, rise

Clouds brushed on

pale white


Calm connected dawn


Diane, high goddess

Full belly, fertile


Celestial tides


Sparkle scattered stars


Purest of lights




Free falling leaves spin

Bask in the air, celebrate

Final fall foot prints






Shower clean relief

Heal away the day

in steam

Bellybutton clean




Born from a black hole

Navigating through the sky

My journey out, invisible

To the naked eye



Bouncing off an asteroid

Holding onto a comet’s tail

Sealing all the voids

Haley is the perfect sail



Swimming dawn’s light

Connected to each sun ray

Waiting for the night

And what the stars will say




Skipping across Orion’s belt

To Admire the Nebula

multiplying, beauty felt

Experience, gratifying




I explode green violet

Pink and blue

Untold story of how

Aurora Borealis got its hues



New York City

A rock crosses the

Hudson River, basking in

the city’s lights glow.





A sigh of relief

When I see New

York City

Gazing from afar




On the Jersey side

of the Big Apple view.

My daily commute







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Crooked brownstone house

Sunlight swims like a



open arm skylight views

My wooden table

Orange blossom poppy hues

Amber aroma

dream thoughts

Dream catcher dancing

My ocean breeze serenade

Riding the blues wave.



Time loop, daily

warp hole
Black hole possibilities

Recycles each fate









Vantage Point

Two windows

trees view

scenery changes

colors depend

from where you



Parade on Jersey

Andean music found me

Windpipes drum folklore





A bird never heard

Calls out to me

Wake up please

The world is tiny


Pigeons in quick fight

A shadow looms overhead

They embrace their might




Beer fuzzies galore

Located in my tummy

Bloated burping night