Strength, where

did you go?

I needed your

embrace today


My invisible

cloak, protecting

my dignity

Saving grace


Don’t go away

hide in an


treasure chest


I lose my way

easily, you’re a

guide from land

to sea


Strength, I need

you more than you

need me, but please



If not


covers. can’t float

in over my head


Iron weights

on my chest

Can’t breathe

Can’t move


Can’ts. don’ts

scream in my


I lose




in tears, living

all my fears



Insomnia binds

Its fingers pry open

my eyes, nightmares

take control


Strength, I need you

to keep me safe

and make the monsters

go away



10 thoughts on “Savior

  1. inbetweenthemadness

    Thanks for following.

    I enjoyed this. And seeing as it’s 5am where I am and I have been unable to sleep. The insomnia lines really are relatable.
    Great free verse and rhythm.

      1. inbetweenthemadness

        Thanks. I am kind of used to it now tho. Manage to make it through on the odd hour here and there. Glad you find it interesting although it can be a little too honest for some. :/ look forward to reading through your work.

      2. inbetweenthemadness

        Oh no that’s horrible. I think I’d rather the insomnia. Nightmares are terrible. How often do you get them and does it scare you to go to sleep?

      3. poetaflor

        It used to scare me more because there was a week I had them every night. The nightmares are caused by a trauma I experienced. The more I heal the less often I get them. I had one last week. It’s usually about once a month?

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