Sad stories

she writes



Tragic histories


they repeat


People do

wrong then




Dysfunction dust

leaves a

strong musk



Stories weave

she writes




Emerging bruises

children run to

local park



Scared blinded

by the



Sad stories

she heard

Mother told


Broken arm

pigeon lost

in streets



Touched in

places not

seen or heard



Speaking now

she doesn’t

just write


Breaking the habit

of keeping

stories sealed tight.









Mascara stained face

Drowning in tears

my fears, real

Missing half a piece



You’re like a groundhog

Scared of my love,

sunshine bright

Your shadow keeps you

Final Dance

Deadly tango as

Lovers and friends

Avoiding every turn

Reality was ignored

Red balloon popped

China cabinet shatter

Salty breeze kissing

Grass blades hello

One more kiss

lips I’ll miss

sweet temptation

can’t seem to resist

Tangled arms, legs

Straight to bed

Spinning sheets

Generating heat

instinct’s compass

Spinning, intuition

Setting a torch

In Truth’s direction

death to fantasies.

The beginning of

Reality.  Opening

A new dawn’s door.